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Late Summer at MECCA

Late summer has welcomed trail users with the absence of bothersome insects (almost) and the soft maples showing a hint of red in its leaves telling us fall is around the corner. There is a good chance of getting startled by the flushing of a grouse or getting a closeup look at a fawn deer and its mother.

Trails are in good hiking condition with a dry trail tread and moderately short grass. There are two wetlands within the trail system, one on the Moose Loop and the other on Homestead which requires trail users to adjust their routes. To access the entire trail system, study the trail map and take advantage of the recently installed boardwalk on the southeast side of the Moose Loop.

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About MECCA Trails

There are 21 kilometers (13 miles) of routinely groomed cross-country ski trails and three miles of snowshoe trails. In the spring, summer and fall these trails are used by hikers, runners and wildlife watchers. The trails are moderately challenging as they traverse glacial features of eskers, drumlins and kettles.

The terrain was created by the glaciers thousands of years ago. The forest has stands of hemlocks and pines. There are hardwood uplands of maple and oaks, and wetlands of black spruce, cedars, and tamarack. The trails have great views at the Little Turtle Wildlife Area.

MECCA Ski Club maintains the trails and depends on memberships, donations, and volunteers. The club actively collaborates with the Town of Mercer, Iron County Parks and Forestry Department, and Wisconsin DNR. 

 Since 1973, MECCA Trails has been community focused, volunteer driven, and donor funded promoting silent sports. MECCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.