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Mercer received approximately five to six inches of snow today adding to the three inches of snow on the ground currently. Trails are open for skiing and snowshoeing; however, both activities are rated as marginal.  Trail users should be aware of early season conditions such as low snow depth and wetlands not completely frozen resulting in a “soft” surface.  Additionally, the statewide muzzleloader season is open from Monday, November 28th to Wednesday, December 7th on lands which encompass the MECCA Trail System.  Trail users should wear blaze orange or bright colored clothing.

Grooming operations will be limited until wetlands become frozen to support equipment along with a grooming moratorium on DNR lands until the end of the muzzleloader season.  Long range forecast looks promising with cold temps at night and chances of interment light snowfalls.

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About MECCA Trails

There are 21 kilometers (13 miles) of groomed cross-country ski trails, the entire trail system is track set for classic skiers and a groomed skate lane.  

The terrain was created by the glaciers thousands of years ago.  The forest has stands of hemlocks and pines.  There are hardwood uplands of maple and oaks, and wetlands of black spruce, cedars, and tamarack.  The trails have great views at the Little Turtle Wildlife Area.

MECCA Ski Club maintains the trails and depends on memberships, donations, and volunteers.  The club actively collaborates with the Town of Mercer, Iron County Parks and Forestry Department, and Wisconsin DNR. 

MECCA  is a 501c3 non profit organization.  Community focused and volunteer driven.  Memberships and donations are appreciated.