We got out on the trail after the gorgeous snowfall we got on Monday.  All trails have been groomed, and tracked this morning.  It looks beautiful but will take a bit of time to set up, but don’t worry if you ski it out, we will go back out and reset as soon as possible.  Enjoy the woods and snow and have a wonderful New Year.  See you on the trail!

Trail Update

Because of the warm weather the trails have become very icy  and because of the ice we are waiting to groom until we can actually cut into the surface.  Please be careful if on the trails and consider going snowshoeing.  We will keep you updated as time goes by.


The trail has been completely groomed and tracked today in preparation for the Christmas Holiday.  Conditions are very good for the warm temps we are experiencing.  Keep your fingers crossed the weatherman is wrong and we don’t get the drizzle they are calling for.

Excellent Weekend Conditions

Groomers were out late last night taking care of the trail.  All trails have been renovated and tracked for some of the greatest skiing of the season.  With the moderating temps coming it is time to get the boards out and get yourself out in the woods.  Snowshoe trails have been worked on and packed also.  With the snow still hanging in the trees its a wonderland out there so get out and enjoy.

Weekend Grooming

All trails were groomed today for the weekend. Conditions are excellent for this time of year so get out and enjoy.  Never know what Mother Nature has in store for us so take advantage of theses beautiful conditions


It is official! We are open for the season with all trails groomed and tracked this week. This will be the best skiing we have ever had for the Holiday Season so don’t miss out on this early skiing. The snowshoe trails have been packed and cleared. You never know what Old Mother Nature may have in store for us so don’t miss this opportunity. We got out and rolled and leveled the first storm, then rolled the next 10″ snowfall and groomed it up. The deck is better than we expected and should get better the next grooming. Still a few holes but for first snow, get out and enjoy.