We groomed the trail system on Monday morning and conditions are excellent.  The area of the Osprey loop by the Little Turtle Flowage is a little rough as we are attacking the drifts in that area to prepare for the Pusuit Race.  Please bear with us.  All other trails are in excellent conditions and will be regroomed for the weekend.  Thank You everyone who participated in our annual Candlelight Ski, it was a great success.  See you on the trail.


With the continued snowfall all week we got out and groomed Friday morning.  With the warm temps don’t expect a solid deck, but it did seem to firm up better than we thought.  We fought drifting in the open, but were able to flatten the trail into very good conditions for the weekend.  The track set deep and true so classical skiing should be excellent.  We will be preparing for the Candlelight Ski on Saturday at 5:00-8:00 so watch for equipment around the sanitary field.  Come out and enjoy this great weather and some hot cider or chocolate around the fire.  See you on the trail.


We were blessed with only 5″ of new snow out of this last system, so we went out last night and got it leveled out and tracked.  Spent 9 1/2 hours getting rid of drifts in the open and doubling up on the deck to firm it up.  Met some skiers this morning who said it was perfect.  We aim to please, so come out and enjoy.  See you on the trail.

Don’t forget the Candlelight next weekend.


All the trails were groomed and tracked with the new snow and are in excellent winter conditions.  We will continue to pack the race course to full width until race time but it will be groomed for best line classical until that weekend.  Come out and enjoy the great conditions.  See you on the trail!  Don’t forget the Candlelight Ski on January 25th at 5:00PM.


The trail was groomed last night for the weekend.  The deck should be very firm with the cold temps Saturday morning.  Track was reset with the renovators and is nice and deep, so should hold up for all the racers on their way home from the SISU to get a good cool down ski on their way home.  See you on the trail!


All trails have been groomed and tracked.  Spruce Hills and the Homestead trail have been widened out for the race in February but will continued to be tracked best line classical until then.


Went out on the trail last night with our new G-2, and leveled and firmed up the deck for the weekend.  New tracks were cut everywhere but the Spruce Hills and Homestead which have had little use since the Holiday and were in excellent condition already.  The snowshoe trail is packed and in great condition also.  We do allow snowshoe travel on the groomed ski trail, but ask that you stay to the edge away from the track.  Under no circumstance is walking without snowshoes allowed.