The grooming team has been out on the trails since we got 5+” of snow in the past 48 hours.  The trails are rolled and combed.  They are planning to set tracks tonight.

Mercer got 2″ of new snow in the past 36 hours.  Trails were groomed on Christmas eve.  It’s early season skiing with a 3-4″ base, we’d recommend using your “B” skis.  We haven’t set tracks as yet.  Snow is in tomorrow’s forecast.  Have a safe holiday season!

MECCA Trails are open for skiing and snowshoeing!  We got 4″ of new snow in the last 48 hours.  The grooming elf was out overnight and groomed the trails.  No tracks have been set yet, because the rain that fell before the snow left the base quite wet and the groomer was concerned that tracks would be too icy.  There’s more snow in the forecast so check back for updates.  The chalet is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.  Please observe posted COVID guidelines.  Stay safe, get some fresh air, exercise and enjoy the holiday season.

All trails are open for hiking with a 2″ snow cover. The chalet is opened daily from 8 am – 6 pm, please observe posted COVID guidelines.    We need more snow before we can groom and open for skiing.  There’s a winter storm watch on the forecast, so stay tuned.  Have a safe and happy holiday season.  We’ll be skiing and snowshoeing soon!

Last evening we got an inch or two of snow, but not enough to start grooming.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep this conditions report updated.  All our pre-season trail grooming work has been done….we just need some snow!