Groomer’s report

The skate lanes were renovated and combed last night.  Conditions on the entire 21K are holding firm with good to very good conditions for classical and skate skiers.


MECCA Trails all 21K is groomed for striders and skaters.  The base is 4-6 ” and good to very good conditions with a few bare spots.   Tracks were set Monday and the 11K Turtle River Pursuit course was combed.  The snowshoe trails are open and inviting.  The NEW Mercer Springs Snowshoe Trail, 2 mile loop that is a more challenging shoe.  The Klondike Trail is a 1 mile is more moderate shoe.  The 5K, 11K, and 15K MECCA TRAILS WINTERFEST ski courses are groomed, in good condition and ready for you to register and report your times.

Grooming Report

The entire trail system was combed this morning and is in very good to excellent condition for skating.  We’ve had mechanical problems that have prevented setting tracks.  We’re working on the problems and hope to get them resolved soon.