Saturday Trail Report

Groomer was out early this morning and combed the skate lane.  Tracks set on 2/25 remain deep and firm, Very good conditions 7-9″ base.  Surface fast when it’s below freezing.  Snowshoe trails also in great shape.

Tuesday Trail Report

Groomers were out this morning an set new tracks and combed the skate lane.  Temps are warm and the surface is soft.  Spring skiing is coming with fast trails in the morning if it gets below freezing at night and softer conditions during the day.  Snowshoe trails are in great condition.

Sunday Trail Report

The groomer was out early this morning and combed the skate lane.  Tracks set on 2/16 remain firm and deep.  Conditions on the entire trail system is very good to excellent.  Snowshoe trails also in great shape.

Friday Trail Report

Very good to excellent conditions on the 21K trail system, 8-10″ base.  Tracks set on 2/16 are firm.  Skate lane was combed this evening.  Snowshoe trails in great shape.

Thursday Trail Report

Trail conditions are very good to excellent.  21K trail system has a set of tracks and a skate lane.

Tracks remain deep and firm, 8 -10″ base.

Grooming team reports: Skate lanes on the Flowage 15k was combed Wednesday; and the Turtle River Pursuit 11K and Clair d’ Loon 5K were combed this evening.

Tuesday Trail Report

Our groomer was out early this morning renovating and setting new tracks.  Tracks are full and deep, setting up nicely.  Skate lane combed last Saturday and is still in very good shape.  Snowshoe trails also in very good condition.

President’s Holiday Weekend

Groomers were out this evening combing the skate lane on the 11K Turtle River Pursuit and the Flowage 15K Freestyle courses. The 21K trail system is in very good condition, firm tracks, 8-10″ base. Snowshoe loops are in great shape.

Weekend Trail Report

Very good trail conditions, 8-10″ base.  Skate lane combed today, tracks remain firm. Winterfest  5K, 11K and 15K courses are in great shape.  Snowshoe trails are also inviting.

Thursday Trail Report

8″ new snow last week, good to very good conditions on all trails, 8-10″ base.  Tracks holding firm. Some drifting in the field near the chalet and in the open area at the Little Turtle Flowage Wildlife Area. Grooming team planning to remove drifts and comb the skate lane on 2/12.

Wednesday Update

We’ve had extremely cold conditions since Saturday.  Trails were groomed on 2/5 and the plan is to groom again on Friday, 2/12.  Trails are in good condition except for drifting in the field near the chalet and in the open areas of the Little Turtle Flowage Area.