Groomers were out today and the trails are in very good – excellent conditions. The skate lane was combed this morning. Tracks were reset on the candlelight trail. MECCA got a dusting of powder snow today. Tracks are deep and holding. Skate lane firm.


Groomers were out this morning and renovated the 21K trail system. Tracks were reset, they are deep and firm. The skate lanes were combed, the surface is firm. Conditions are very good to excellent.

MECCA’s Candlelight Ski Shoe Hike is Saturday, 1/29, 5-8pm.  It’s free and open to the community.  It’s an outside event this year with bonfires and hot chocolate.

Register for WINTERFEST….the Live event (5K & 15K ski courses) is February 5 and the Virtual event (5K, 11K, 15K ski courses, Plus the 1,2 and 3 mile snowshoe loops.  Registrants get shirts and swag bags, winners get hats, the first 100 registrants get a lift ticket for Big Snow Resorts (Indianhead & Blackjack)


The skate lanes were renovated yesterday mixing old snow with new creating a very nice combed and level surface.  Classical tracks left in place, firm and deep.  Overall conditions very good +


MECCA Trails got 2″ of powder snow today. Groomers were out and combed the skate lanes on the 21K system. Tracks were renovated and reset on Wolf. Tracks in the woods are holding nicely and windblown on Osprey across the flowage. Snowshoe trails through forests and wetlands are ungroomed, well marked and offer 1,2 and 3 mile loops .


MECCA got another 2″ of snow in the past 36 hours. It’s cold and yesterday was windy. Groomers are out on the trails this morning renovating, setting new tracks and combing the skate lane. Snowshoe trails are in great shape.

Tuesday Grooming Report

The skate lane was combed last night and the tracks are holding firm.  It’s snowing now and the grooming plan is to go out again later today.


Claire 5K, Pursuit 11K and Flowage 15K courses were combed tonight and are in very good condition.  Tracks set on Thursday on the entire 21K trail system holding nicely.  Surface is firm.

MECCA TRAILS WINTERFEST  Virtual through February 18 and Live on February 5

The first 100 registrants get a lift ticket for Big Snow Resorts (Indianhead and Blackjack), plus they’ll be entered into a drawing for a season ticket.

Participants get a WINTERFEST long sleeved t shirt and a swag bag with goodies.  Winners get a WINTERFEST hat.

The Mercer Springs Snowshoe Tour is a non competitive and offers 1,2 and 3 mile snowshoe trail loops through pine and hardwood forests; black spruce, tamarack and cedar wetlands, glacial landforms and Mercer Springs.

MECCA TRAILS WINTERFEST is a winter celebration engaging the community.  Proceeds help to enhance and maintain MECCA’s trails, facilities and equipment AND funds MECCA’s community outreach program.


Groomers were out last night renovating the trails and laying new tracks. This morning the groomers went out to comb the skate lanes. MECCA Trails in great conditions!


Our groomer was out early today and set new tracks on Moose.  Tracks are holding nicely on the rest of the trails due to the colder weather.  The grooming plan is to go out on Thursday to renovate the entire 21K trail system, set new tracks and comb the skate lane.   Snowshoe trails 1,2 and 3 mile loops are in great shape.


Trails are in very good to excellent conditions.  Groomers combed the skate lane late Saturday night.  Tracks set on Wednesday holding nicely.  Surface has firmed up with colder temps.  The groomers plan to renovate the base, set new tracks and comb the skate lane before the weekend.

Snowshoe trails are quite beautiful.  1,2 and 3 mile loops through forests and wetlands.

MECCA TRAILS WINTERFEST is “Virtual” through February 18 with 3 self timed ski races.  The Claire d’ Loon 5K, Flowage 15K and Turtle River Pursuit (11K classic & 11K skate, combined time).  The Mercer Springs Snowshoe tour offers trails to be shoed at your own pace as it’s not a timed event.