Groomers were out this afternoon to reset tracks and renovate and comb skate lanes.  Conditions are very good and fast.


The warm weather has affected our grooming operations. No grooming is slated for tomorrow, Friday. With temps dropping on Friday night, groomers plan to be out again very early on Saturday morning to reset tracks and renovate and comb skate lanes.


Today Bluebird, Voss Lake, Birch, and Otter Trails were rolled, tracks were set, and the skate lanes combed. The skiing surface is a bit soft on our recently groomed trails.  Skiers will notice “tree litter” when skiing through red and white pine groves due to recent high winds. Overall, the MECCA Trail System is in good skiing condition.


Groomers set track and combed the skate lanes today on Wolf, Moose, Homestead, and Osprey.  The deck surface is soft for skaters and classic skiers will experience soft pole plants.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, groomers plan to break through drifts on Bluebird and groom the Voss Lake trails.


Merry Christmas! Our groomers were out today battling drifting snow and high winds. Trails east of the flowage (Wolf, Moose, Homestead, and Osprey) have been rolled and fallen trees removed. No grooming is scheduled for tomorrow, December 25th.  On the 26th, we will tentatively set tracks and comb skate lanes on trails east of the flowage. There is significant drifting on Bluebird which will take sometime to open up. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Groomers were out today rolling 4” of snow we received overnight. No grooming was performed. More snow is forecasted for tomorrow, Friday, along with strong winds and sub-zero temps which will limit trail work. Note: Care should be taken when using trails because of the high possibility of winds blowing snow-laden trees.


The Mercer area is under a winter storm warning for the next few days; very cold temps, blowing winds, and heavy snow. Groomers expect to deal with downed trees coupled with heavy drifting. Tomorrow groomers plan on rolling and tree removal, most likely no grooming. We will keep you updated.


Groomers were out tonight setting track and combing skate lanes on 11K of trails before more snow rolls in later this week. Trails should have great skiing tomorrow before the storm hits. The far west end of Bluebird, Otter, Voss Lake, and Birch were not groomed.


All skate lanes were groomed this morning and are in very good shape. Tracks are also in good condition.


The entire trail system was rolled today. Tracks were set and skate lanes renovated with good looking corduroy. Pole plants and skate deck are a bit soft and will be firming up with the cold temps moving in. Good to very good conditions. See you on the trails this weekend.