We’ll soon be skiing and snowshoeing!  The trails have been improved over the off season and we are  ready for the snow to start falling.  Trail conditions will be posted on skinnyski.com, our Facebook page and under “Conditions” here on the website.  Please note our trails are on public land that is open to hunters, so wear blaze orange and keep your dogs close by.  Dogs are welcome as long as their companions are well behaved and trained to pick up after them.

MECCA Trails are open year round for your enjoyment.  The best trailhead and parking area to use for longer hikes is the Little Turtle Flowage (FF to East Popko Circle to Joe’s Shack Road).  There is limited hiking from the Chalet on Fierick Road due to wetlands.  We are planning to build wetland crossings next year, so we’ll be able to access the entire trail system from either trailhead.  The Chalet on Fierick Road is closed until the winter season.

The entire MECCA Trail system is open to hunters, so wear blaze if it’s hunting season.

Dogs are allowed on the trails if their human companions are behaved and trained to pick up after them.

Get out on the trails and get some exercise.  Please follow health department guidelines and wear a mask when you are near others.  Our chalet is closed until the winter season.  COVID protocols will be posted here and at the chalet.

Trails are open for hikers.  The best trailhead to hike from is at the Little Turtle Wildlife Area off Joe’s Shack Road.  The Fierick Road chalet is closed until ski/snowshoe season.  Social Distancing protocols will be posted and must be observed.  The trails are open to hunters, so be aware during hunting season.

Governor Evers “Safer at Home Order” has specific exceptions for Essential Activities including “Outdoor Activities”  encouraging people to get out and get exercise.  Keep social distancing protocols of at least 6′ from each other. 

MECCA Trails are open with spring skiing conditions.  If it gets below 32*, the trails will be fast and icy in the morning.  As the day warms, the trail softens.  Get out and get some exercise and observe social distancing protocols.  We’ve closed the MECCA Chalet so you’ll need to change into your boot or snowshoes in the parking lot.

Groomers were out before dawn yesterday.  We got a little snow this week and a good cold night. All trails were groomed and new tracks were set. Skate lanes are good, tracks are rough in some places. Enjoy the spring conditions.

It’s snowing in Mercer and the groomers are planning to go out very early Saturday morning.  Bernie will update skinnyski.com after he grooms.   The MECCA Chalet is open so you can change your boots, but don’t plan to have hot chocolate or eat lunch.  Limit your time in the chalet and observe social distancing protocols.   It should be very nice skiing for the next few days, go out and enjoy.

Our groomers were out this morning reset the track and the skate lane   The trail turned out great!  There are spots where the tree canopy covers the trail that are icy, before careful. We are grooming the Turtle River Pursuit Course for the skaters enjoyment. Enjoy the Spring Skiing!!

It’s snowing in Mercer and our groomers are watching the temperatures and forecast.  It’s been spring skiing the last few days with fast hard conditions in the mornings and it softens up as the day warms.