Grooming team just finishing up after 35 hours of grooming since Wednesday.  7-8″ fresh snow.  Excellent skiing conditions on the entire 21K trail system.  Tracks and skate lane are firming up nicely.  Snowshoe trails in great shape!

Groomers were out tonight and renovated all the trails, there are no tracks set.  We anticipate 3-8″ of snow on Thursday & Friday.  Groomers will pack, comb the skate lane and set tracks as weather permits (hopefully Friday, 2/5).

Groomer was out this morning at zero dark thirty and just got home.  We received 1″ of fresh snow overnight, the entire skate lane was combed, tracks are firm.  Conditions are Excellent!  Snowshoe trails are also in great shape.

Groomers were out tonight combing the skate lanes on the Claire d’ Loon 5K, Turtle River Pursuit 11K, and the Flowage 15K Freestyle courses,  Tracks set on 1/25 are holding firm.  The 21K trail system is in good to very good condition with a few thin spots.

Mercer Springs Snowshoe Tour loops are in good condition through upland forests and frozen wetlands.

3″ New Snow on Sunday.  Grooming team was out this morning.  Tracks were reset and skate lanes have been renovated and combed twice.  The tracks and lanes will set up nicely tonight with single digit temps.  Trails are in Very Good condition, base is 5-6″.  Snowshoe trails are in very good conditions.

We got 2″ of new fluffy dry snow overnight.  The groomer was out overnight and combed the skate lane.  Tracks are holding and the entire 21K trail system is in Very Good Condition.  Snowshoe loops are also in great shape.

Grooming team was out last night and laid down new corduroy on the skate lane.  Grooming team going out this morning to touch up the tracks.  A dusting of snow fell overnight.

Groomer was out early this morning.  The entire skate lane was renovated and combed.  The tracks are in great shape.  Last night’s dusting will make a delightful day to ski.

Grooming team was out last night.  The skate lane is firm corduroy and the classic tracks set up nice. The entire 21K system is in very good condition with a set of tracks along side the skate lane. Light misting resulting in glazing could make for fast conditions today.

MECCA got 2″ of soft wet snow since midnight.  Groomers were out this morning and touched up the skate lane.  The entire system was track set on 1/5 and tracks are holding.  Good to very good conditions on the entire system.  The surface is soft and wet.  More snow forecasted overnight. Waiting for it to cool down before resuming grooming.