Groomers report:

Entire MECCA Trails re-groomed.  New classical track set.  Skate lane combed.   Great spring skiing.  It will be fast in the morning and soften up as it heats up.

Mercer got a couple inches of snow last night and with cooler weather the groomers are out on the trails.  They are renovating the trail, laying down a new track for striders and a flat lane for skaters.  Warmer weather is forecasted, so get out and ski.

Groomer Report:

Good Morning Skiers
We were out this morning and groomed the skate side of the Turtle River Pursuit trail and also went over to Voss Lake side and groomed the Lolly Pop and Voss Lake Loops. We quit when it got too warm.
We did not try to reset the Classic Track. It is pretty hard and would require many trips or more snow.  We still have a good base, so we’ll watch the weather/temperatures.  A little wet snow fell this morning so it looks more like winter again.

2/27 Groomer report:

We got a little snow which enabled us to freshen up all skate trails. We are still grooming the Turtle River Pursuit trail for skate and classic use. The race course makes a great skate opportunity. The classic tracks are firm and with the little snow we got you should get good grip. Enjoy the Spring temps and conditions.

Recent freezing and thawing cycles created icy conditions.  Groomers were out last night renovating, cutting in new classic tracks and putting down new corduroy on the skate lanes.  Classical tracks are rated good to very good; skate lanes are very good to excellent.  Conditions are fast because of the ground-up ice crystals.  Get out and enjoy the MECCA Trails, there is still a lot of skiing this season.

The Mercer area received approximately 2-3 inches of light snow on Tuesday, 2/19. MECCA Trail groomers were out early on Wednesday morning mixing the new snow with the cold base. New classical tracks were set along with renovating and combing the skate lane. Because of the cold temps, tracks set up hard and the skate surface is very firm and level. Conditions are very good to excellent.

Trails were groomed on Friday, 2/7. A dusting of snow since then has helped the conditions making for a firm and fast skate bed and tracks.
This weekend 2/15 &16 we will be having our Turtle River Pursuit ski race and on 2/15 our Clair d’Loon Classic Tour. The trails from the Chalet Trailhead will be closed to the public all day Saturday and until 1 pm on Sunday. The Joe’s Shack Trailhead will be open both days with skiing available on the Voss Lk. Trail. There’s still time to register for the race this weekend or come cheer the participants on! Check our website for more information:

The trail was groomed this morning for the weekend rush.  Multiple passes were made and they are in very good condition.  Track was reset and should be fast.  Those out training for the Turtle River Pursuit, the K markers have been put out on the course to give you an idea of distance.  Grooming for next weekends race will continue through the week after Sunday.

Trails were all groomed Saturday morning and are in great condition for the weekend.  Try to get out early before the temps get to high.  Hopefully the temps won’t get to high for to long.

We groomed the trail system on Monday morning and conditions are excellent.  The area of the Osprey loop by the Little Turtle Flowage is a little rough as we are attacking the drifts in that area to prepare for the Pusuit Race.  Please bear with us.  All other trails are in excellent conditions and will be regroomed for the weekend.  Thank You everyone who participated in our annual Candlelight Ski, it was a great success.  See you on the trail.